Coming in 2016

    Our 2016 Trip will be to Belize! Check out the 2016 'Trip Info' page then click the 'Apply Now' link!

    • I’ve gone on mission trips before but Nicaragua and Guatemala were my first international trips. Nothing will have a greater impact on your life than experiencing what happiness means in a third world country or being part of a prayer being translated into 3 different languages.

      Stephen |
    • Going to Nicaragua changed my life in such a great way! Being in the atmosphere and conditions that people live in everyday made me realize how grateful I am for what I have, and also realize how much I enjoy helping other people to make their lives a little easier and help them live a life closer to God! It was a experience I will never forget and hold on to for my whole life!

      Julia |
    • Being able to go to Nicaragua was one of the craziest experiences! The fact that I was able to go to another country to learn about someone else’s culture and help out and make an impact in not just their life but mine, was incredible. Also having the power to get them closer to god was amazing!  I will never forget seeing smiles on everyone’s faces for what we did and what they did for us!

      Lilly |

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